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Fri, Jun. 23rd, 2006, 12:07 pm
lonely as the space between the stars

Its been forever since ive written in this thing.. I think the last time i wrote, i just moved back home. I'm still the sick fat hog that i was 3 years ago, just now with a college degree. I hate this town just as much as i did before i left it. Im sick of everything and everybody. sometimes i wish i could just pack up everything and get the fuck out.

i really enjoy how theres always somebody there to comment on everything i do, everybody i talk to, and everybody i hang out with. im sick of having no fucking privicy.. i cant call anyone or send any e-mail without somebody being up my ass.

....Anymore, having friends is a big fucking popularity or a "how hot am i" contest.

So, in other words... i've kinda strayed from that stupid bullshit and opt for the loner route. Im sick of people..and how stupid they really are.

i'd rather sit alone in a dark room and consider how many more pounds i need to lose.

Fuck Friends

Fuck Love

Fuck Food

Fuck Life

.........i love my cat <3